Games developed for Shakesphere Globe
Squibbitt - IOS Game
HTML5 Games developed for Cambridge University Press
Drupal based responsive e-Commerce website
AngularJS application using Ushahidi API
Games developed using CreateJS
We develop CMS websites.

Team DevX is a Mobile and Web application development company, supporting various organisations like Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Shakespeare Globe etc using technologies/frameworks such as AngularJS, CreateJS, Phaser, Unity, LAMP, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc.


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Android App: Places in a direction.


Team DevX has built its own Android App - Places in a direction. The Android App assists you in finding a place of interest in the direction you are walking or driving, all you need to do is point the mobile in that specific direction and the App lists all the places of interest in that direction.

Our Clients